You Never Bike Alone

You Never Bike Alone is an 82-minute documentary, produced and directed by Robert Alstead with Joanna Clarke.

You Never Bike Alone looked at the rising number of cyclists in Western Canada's most populous city, and in particular the fun and often madcap ways that cyclists were impacting transport in the city in the new millennium. 

The documentary focuses in particular on Critical Mass, a "rolling party" of thousands, that takes place in cities around the world at the end of every month. Cyclists, artists, politicians, and drivers share their very differing views on the efficacy and tactics of Critical Mass.

You Never Bike Alone was self-financed by Alstead Media, then productions, and had its premiere at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver in 2007. 

It had its festival premiere at the Moving Pictures Festival in Vancouver in 2008. 

You Never Bike Alone screened around the world and was released on DVD.

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