Running On Climate

Running On Climate is an 83-minute documentary produced and directed by Robert Alstead and Joanna Clarke.

The documentary followed renowned IPCC climate scientist Andrew Weaver as he ran in an election for a "fringe" political party that had never won a seat in its 30-year history.

Alstead followed Weaver from 2012 through to 2015, as he embarked on his new career in politics as Canada's first Green to become a Member of a Legislative Assembly (MLA).

Running On Climate was funded by Alstead Media, previously called productions, and raised $10,000 completion funding through Kickstarter.

The documentary premiered at DOXA Documentary Film Festival in 2015.

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"an exhilarating portrait of a grassroots political campaign from the moment of its origin" - Georgia Straight

"At the core of this film is hope and determination." - The Peak

"Running on Climate ties environmental and climate change issues with politics in a way that could not be more complementary to the present day political Canadian landscape" - Planet Experts

"4 out of 5" - Vancouver Observer

Media Pack

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